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Rabais début de saison sur le golf
Rabais début de saison sur le golf


par HEAD
Prix ​​d'origine $649.99
Prix ​​d'origine $649.99 - Prix ​​d'origine $649.99
Prix ​​d'origine $649.99
Prix courant $449.99
$449.99 - $449.99
Prix courant $449.99
plus taxes

The Head Absolut Joy is a perfect ski for the athletic beginner to solid intermediate skier looking for a lightweight ride that is very easy to control. A Superlite Composite Core uses injected composite material that has a soft longitudinal flex, but Graphene adds torsional strength and rigidity when you need it. Graphene is an ultra-lightweight, but incredibly strong material that is only a single molecule thick that adds extra stability and responsiveness to the Absolut Joy. Allride Rocker uses rocker in the tip that initiate the ski into a turn easier, while the Women's Specific Camber grips the snow, and requires less weight or energy to engage into the snow. Head's Power Sidewall Jacket adds extra grip on firm conditions. If you want a lightweight ski that will increase the amount of control you have on the groomers and be less fatiguing than other skis you have been skiing on, the Head Absolut Joy is the perfect option.


  • Graphene
  • Allride Rocker
  • Power Sidewall Jacket
  • Superlite Composite Core
  • Womens Camber
Color: WHITE