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par ELAN
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The Explore 8 delivers a superior on-snow feel for intermediate riders who want to advance to the next level quickly as it provides an excellent combination of comfort, easy handling, and stability.

At Elan we are convinced that skiing is the best sport in the world. This is exactly why we want to get people skiing. A lot. We created the Explore 8 as the stepping stone for newly impassioned skiers who can't wait for their next session on the slopes. With that in mind, we made sure that we equipe those newly stoked skiers with a ski they'll feel at ease on from the beginning. The Explore 8 is all about comfort and stability, combined with exceptional ease of carving with little edge pressure. This is only possible due to Elan's WaveFlex technology, an innovative design that combines softer flex and torsional stability. It's your tech support in the transition from sliding to carving.

WaveFlex™ is Elan’s unique waved profile on the top of the ski that provides smooth longitudinal flex for easy turning and torsional stability for enhanced edge grip. Never before has a ski design allowed the combination of these two characteristics together in a single ski.