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Rabais début de saison sur le golf
Rabais début de saison sur le golf


par HEAD
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The volume-based lasting of the Head Vector EVO Women's Ski Boots change their width based on the size of the boot, because generally a shorter foot is going to be narrower than a longer one. Even beyond that, you get a tremendous amount of customization so you can dial in the perfect fit. Around back there's a tuneable rear support that lets you eliminate shin bang at the same time you remove pinching at the back.

  • True to size lasting varies last width to match foot size
  • Bi-Injected Energy Frame gives you a multi-density shell for areas of tuned support and flex
  • Tuneable rear support lets you raise or lower the rear of the boot for a customized fit
  • Last Width: 98
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex: Medium
  • Size 24.5 is approximately a 96mm last, size 26.5 is approximately 100mm
  • Easy entry shell opens wide to make getting in or out easier than ever
  • Canted design aligns ankle, knee, and hip joints to improve comfort and performance
  • Double Adjustable Profile lets you tune the boot opening to eliminate shinbang and pinching
  • Walking sole compatible design
  • Women's EVO Perfect Fit S Liner molds using just your body heat for do it yourself customization
Color: GRAY